Workshop Summary for Financing In-Home Asthma Care in Imperial County, Now Available! Click here to Download

On June 6th EFCWest and USEPA hosted an Imperial County workshop to provide an opportunity to bring multiple stakeholders together to explore the potential to access long-term sustainable asthma care funding. The goal of the workshop was to gain a better understanding of how critical stakeholders in Imperial County could work together to establish a long-term asthma financing strategy, especially for in-home care. The workshop began with the premise that reimbursement from health care plan providers is a potential and best opportunity for sustainable funding. The objectives of the workshop were three-fold:

1. Develop an analysis that identified critical strengths and weaknesses in existing services,

2. Prioritize financing gaps based on need and existing and future resources, and

3. Identify next steps.

The report from that workshop is now available for download. 

Please click on the "download" arrow in the report box below.