Since 2013, EFCWest has developed and delivered innovative leadership workshops to rural water systems and public officials across America.  During this time, EFCWest has successfully introduced storytelling, communications and systemic thinking approaches to change the way trainees view their environmental challenges, and to help them engage their communities.  Having worked in over 16 states, EFCWest has created a program that consistently receives excellent marks from almost 100% of participants and has elicited comments from small water systems such as: "This was the greatest workshop ever!" (New York, 2015) and "this workshop was amazing, a minute-to-minute deluge of great info I can use at work every day" (Missouri, 2015).

Tribal Green Economies


For over ten years, EFCWest has worked with Tribes and Tribal organizations to help them build their capacity to increase funding, pursue new opportunities, manage their resources and plan for a successful future that reflects their world-view.  We offer a suite of capacity building services that include:

  • Business and Strategic Planning,
  • Climate Vulnerability and Adaptation Assessments
  • Integrated Solid Waste Management Plans
  • Marketing Assessments and Plans
  • Financial Feasibility Studies

Disadvantaged Communities

Since the beginning EFCWest has focused on supporting disadvantaged community efforts to choose healthier, more sustainable approaches to food and energy production, reduce exposure to toxic chemicals and develop climate action plans.  Currently, EFCWest is working with organizations and agencies in Imperial County to help them explore ways to secure sustainable financing for critical in-home asthma care.

Sustainable Enterprise


Grounded in a Green MBA program developed in the San Francisco Bay Area, EFCWest emphasizes the three "Ps" – people, planet and profit – and all of our work upholds the principle that environmental protection creates long-term financial sustainability. We build enterprises, both for profit and nonprofit that provide social and environmental equity.