Capacity Building

EFCWest works with communities, states, Tribes and organizations to help them build their capacity to increase funding, pursue new opportunities, manage their resources and plan for a successful future. We provide a unique set of capacity building services and training that emphasize our Green MBA background, including systems thinking and sustainable entrepreneurship.

Planning & Facilitation

EFCWest offers planning and facilitation support  that reflects our unique world-view.  Our approach is infused with green business principles and systemic tools to help identify and address opportunities and barriers. 

Research and Reports

EFCWest specializes in neutral, collaborative and innovative research and reports. Because we can draw upon staff from other Environmental Finance Centers across the US we maintain a unique ability to address a wide range of environmental and sustainability issues.


Sarah Diefendorf, Director

Lauralee Barbaria, Associate Director

Elaine McCarty, Senior Associate

Devon Shane Baker, Senior Associate

Julianne Maurseth, PhD, Senior Advisor