About EFCWest

Founded in 1994, EFCWest empowers vulnerable populations, delivers innovative leadership training and builds community capacity in the United States and internationally. 


Leadership Training

EFCWest trains communities and organizations in the US and abroad in leadership skills and tools that emphasize an overall systemic and multi-stakeholder approach. Our Leadership philosophy stresses the belief that we can all be leaders and our training  incorporates the views and input of all levels of a community or agency – from the front desk to the top floor.  To achieve our goals, EFCWest Leadership Workshops focus on:

  • Powerful Communication and Advocacy,

  • Effective Decision-Making and

  • Risk Management.


Capacity Building

EFCWest helps communities and organizations build their capacity to increase funding, pursue new opportunities, manage their resources and plan for a successful future. We provide a unique set of capacity building services and training that emphasize our Green MBA background, including:

  • Entrepreneurship,

  • Leadership,

  • Strategic Planning and

  • Resiliency.


Empowering Vulnerable Populations

EFCWest works to empower Native American Tribes and other vulnerable communities in the United States and Africa.  Through local workshops, one-on-one assistance and organizational development we support efforts to:

  • Maintain safe and clean drinking water,

  • Manage waste,

  • Build sustainable enterprises and

  • Develop climate vulnerability assessments and adaptation plans.